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Trolling Masterclass By Gute

Aaron Rodgers may seem like the GOAT of trolling but actually that title belongs to Packers General Manager, Brian Gutekunst. His passive aggressive swipes at Rodgers by drafting Jordan Love are a masterclass at how to deal with a fragile egomaniac.

Family Feud

It is well known that Rodgers and his family don’t get along. More specifically, he has always had a sibling rivalry with his brother, Jordan. So not only did Gutekunst trade up and draft a quarterback in the first round in 2020 when Rodgers desperately wanted a receiver, but the player he drafted was named Jordan. That is some funny shit. If you add in how bad Aaron Rodgers wants to be Michael Jordan and it gets even funnier.


In addition to the name troll, Love was also just slightly better than Rodgers in all but one combine measurement . Rodgers is 6’ 2”, Love is 6’ 3”. Rodgers ran a 4.77 forty yard dash, Love ran 4.74. Rodgers has a 10.13 inch hand size, Love’s is 10.5  The only thing Rodgers was better at was the shuttle. Even Love’s birthday is exactly one month before Rodgers!

RAS (relative athletic score) card comparing Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.

The best part is that Rodgers was definitely aware of all of this – he is a deep thinker if you didn’t know. The only thing that would have made it better is if Jordan Love was from Stanford. Great job Gute.

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