The Seahawks are the Buccaneers

The year was 1976; the bicentennial. The NFL was adding two new teams; one in Tampa called the Buccaneers and one in Seattle called the Seahawks. When they first entered the league, they played in different conferences. The cities are 3,000 miles apart. So what do they have in common? Alot.

The ’00s Buccaneers

Remember back when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a perennial playoff team? That was before Warren Sapp had to pay for sex and Mike Tirico could only dream of working in the same booth as Jon Gruden. It was when the Buccaneers had success for 3 or 4 years. They beat an Oakland team in the Super Bowl that was coached by THE WORST coach to ever coach in a Super Bowl. I remember those days becuase lsitening to the Buccaneers talk, you would have thought that they were the most legendary team that had ever been assembled.

The ’10s Seahawks

Fast forward about a decade and you have the Seattle Seahawks. They are a team that has been good for 3-4 years (remember when they made the playoffs in 2010 with a 7-9 record?). They have a good defense. They have won one Super Bowl. Listening to their fans you would think that they are the most legendary team ever assembled. Sound familiar?

I can still recall when they played in the Kingdome. There was no 12th man then. In fact, I remember Packers’ fans flooding the Kingdome when they played there in 1996.

This past season, Michael Bennett wanted to get paid or traded. Bruce Irvin wants to leave. Kam Chancellor is holding out. Pretty soon we will all see that Russell Wilson is an average quarterback at best (much like Brad Johnson). This whole ‘dynasty’ is crumbling before our very eyes.

seahawks of 2010 are the buccaneers of 2000

Fans of These Teams Can Talk Shit

I am creating a new rule that only fans of the following teams can talk shit from now on. I know some of the teams on this list suck right now, but at least they have a history of winning. Just to show that I’m fair, I have a lot of teams that I hate on this list but at least respect.

  • 49ers
  • Bears
  • Colts
  • Cowboys
  • Giants
  • Packers
  • Patriots
  • Redskins
  • Steelers

For you Seahawks fans that want to talk shit, you better start collecting that hardware son.

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