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Teddy Bridgewater: An Inside Job?

I’m normally not one for conspiracy theories, but I think the gruesome injury suffered by Vikings quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, may have been an inside job,

Why Would the Vikings Hurt Their Own Starting Quarterback

Many football pundits believed Bridgewater to be one of the better up and coming quarterbacks, so why would the Vikings intentionally injure him? Two words: Joe Callahan. As I was watching the Packers-49ers game on Friday and saw some of the throws Callahan made, I was thinking how amazing it was that our third string quarterback is better than the Vikings starter. I was thinking that the Vikings would probably prefer to have big Joe as their quarterback but they couldn’t because of Bridgewater being on the roster. I never thought they would go so low as to destroy the guy’s knee.

Final Cuts

The Vikings are now just playing the waiting game until this Saturday when teams have to get down to 53 players. The Packers won’t keep 3 quarterbacks so even if they want to keep Callahan on the practice squad they, he will have to clear waivers first. That won’t happen with those garbage rummaging neighbors to the west. Mark my words, Callahan will be signed and starting for the Vikings. He will immediately be the second best quarterback in Vikings history behind only Jim McMahon.

To think that this whole thing could have been avoided if he had only grown a beard. SMH.

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